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>> Monday, May 5, 2008

Goodness me,where did the time go?It's been nearly a month since I last blogged!But you all know that sometimes our ordinary lives get in the way of scrapping and blogging!

But don't despair,I'm back with a bang and lots of freebies!So let's kick off wth the freebies.As you all know the past weekend was National Scrapbooking Day.I made a few gifts myself to contribute something to the Scrapper community but then came Friday!We had a storm here on Friday and next thing,BAM! a tree fell on our electricity cabels!But that's not all!It was a long weekend over here and the guys that were suppose to fix the problem don't work on long weekends!So I had no electricity for 3 days!So as you all can see there was no way I could upload the freebies and get the download links to you.But rather late than never,hey!!

So without further ado,here they are!

Passionate for flowers border
Just click on the picture to download or here.Sorry,no longer available!
Cluster FrameClick on the picture to download or here. Sorry,no longer available!
But that's not all,the Blossoms from Booland Designs have some more freebies for you as well!The always talented Boo from Booland Designs have also contributed a few freebies.You can find the links on her blog.The password id gift.
And to match it the Blossoms have part 2 on our blog.Then there is also this beautiful bracket album quick pages made for you by the very talented Tracy.Aren't these just beautiful?You can get the links here.
Then there is this very beautiful kit made by one of the Blossoms,Lynn.You can get the download links for this on the Blossoms blog.

Blossom Erika, has some Quick Pages and Alphas on her blog.Here are the links to her blog.

Last but not least there is this wonderful alpha made by Blossom Lois.You can get it on her blog.Okay,I'm off to go downloading.See you all later and happy scrapping!

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