Cold and wet Saturday!

>> Saturday, June 7, 2008


Just a quick pop-in to say hello! I'm aware that it's spring for most of you guys already but over here our winter has only just begun!And it's cold and wet over here,something that I really hate!So I'm gonna make this quick so I can hop into bed and watch some movies.

Boo from Booland Designs are looking for a Advertising lady.But this means you will have to have lots of computer time since you'll be posting daily adverts to lots of Yahoo/Google groups etc.In return for this you will get all of her kits for free!This is a opportunity not to be missed if you love her designs and want to belong to a fun group!For more info check out the advert below.
Have you seen the latest beauty by Carena's Designs?Bre - Alla is one spectacular kit with lots of goodies to make many beautiful layouts and it's on sale for 20% less for a limited time.This is a huge kit that will keep you busy for many pleasurable hours!Check it out.
You can get it in her shop or just click on the picture to go there.
Here are some layouts she's done with it.

She also has a freebie in her shop made from this kit.

That's it from me now I'm off to bed now.Have a nice weekend.

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