Blog header is driving me crazy!Need your help!

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ugh!My blog header is driving me crazy!On my PC it looks just fine,but I've received a few comments from friends that it's actually off centered with yellow sticking out from the sides!Please,girls come to my rescue and tell me what size it should be and what I should do to get it centered!

The other day I received a Brilliant Weblog Award from Zuska,bur couldn't put my own nominees up since I was posting from a internet cafe that day.

So here are my nominees:

By Dezign:

Renee is a fellow South African blogger from South Africa that makes the most amazing freebies.Visit her blog to see all her amazing freebies.

Mk Designs:

This is yet another lady that designs the most awesome kits.She's got such a lovely style that I just adore.Check out her blog for some freebies as well.

Joanne Bain Designs:

Such awesome designs!If you have never visited her blog do yourself a huge favor and visit her!


This lady got some CU products that makes you drool!If your a designer,her blog and shop is a must visit!

Chaos Lounge:

Jenni is a another awesome South African Designer!She designs the most beautiful kits and always have a freebie for her visitors.Visit her blog to see what I'm raving about!

Carena's Scrapbooking Extravaganza:

My Ct Boss!For her amazing designs and willingness to help me in understanding the monster!(Photoshop)Thanks so much Carena!Check out her blog to see her awesome designs and also pick up some freebies.

There are lots of other people that I could nominate,but then I would have to sit infront of my pc for the rest of my life!

Last but definately not the least!Here is my layout that I submitted for round 3 for the Supreme team contest at Go Digital Scrapbooking.I didn't make it through to round 4 though but I still had alot of fun and I'm very pleased that I even made it this far in the contest!

Okay,girls,that's it from me now.You have a great weekend.I know I will as were having a big family reunion!


Being without internet sucks!And a freebie for you!

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been without internet for most of yesterday and today there's no internet!And that really sucks as I don't know what to do with myself!But I came up with this great plan to go to the internet cafe from where I can do everything at high speed.I've downloaded all of the kits I want and some more,at really great speed.At home I've got a wireless line but the speed is up to no good,when I have internet that is!

I also got some great news to share!I was accepted onto Blushbutter Designs CT Team!This is just the best news for me because ever since I started scrapbooking I was in love with her work and wanted to become a part of her team!Check out this great kit that I get to work with this month!

I decided to also make something for the Members Mega kit at SAS.Here is my part for those of you that would like it.
Sorry no longer available!

I made some layouts that I would like to show off since I'm quite chuffed with the way they came out!Credits:I used a combination of Carena's Designs kits.Bugs Delight,Wedding kit and Garden Magic.Click the link to go to her store and see her beautiful stuff.

Next is 2 layouts I made with Designs by Julia's kit called At the sea,On waves.

And last but not least is the layout I made for the Supreme team contest at Go Digital Scrapbooking.With this layout I made it to round 3!Woohoo!Wish me luck for the last 2 rounds!

I also got a Brilliant Weblog Award from a fellow ct member,Zuska.Thanks so much,Zuska!I will be putting up my nominees when my internet comes back on at home again,since doing it from the internet cafe takes up alot off time and money.

Okay,I think that's enough from me now!You girls enjoy your weekend!


Another freebie!

>> Monday, September 1, 2008


Yeah,yeah,I know I said I would be back yesterday with another freebie but you know sometimes unexpected things happen of which you have no control!

I was just getting ready to sit down and begin to blog when I heard a "TOOT" at the gate!What do I see?My mom and dad!And they brought cool drink,a home made bread and lots of meat!(No,I have enough food in my house,don't feel sorry for me!)They decided to pay me a surprise visit so we can have a braai (barbeque).And as always my mom don't like turning up empty handed and brought lots of stuff with her!What a nice time we had!

Ladies,ladies!Thanks for all the nice comments on my freebie frame!I just loved reading all of your comments,so heart warming!And since it's officially spring day here (September 1st) I decided to make another frame for you to celebrate it!Hope you like!

Sorry,no longer available!

I have also received 2 LO's with my Grandma's Garden freebie frame done by none other than my boss CT ladies!Woohoo!And I just have to show them off as I'm so thrilled with their layouts and that they even used them!
The 1st one is made by my sweet CT lady,Carena.What a stunning layout!Don't you just love that background paper and photos!

The next one is made by none other than my CT boss,Boo from Booland Designs!!Once again look at the gorgeous background paper and the lovely vintage photos!

Thanks,Carena and Boo!

Have you seen the stunning designs by Lara's Digi World?And they are on special at her MSS and SAS stores!
Okay ladies,I'll be back in a day or 2 with another something for you.But now I'm heading off to tame the beast and maybe make another freebie!(Photoshop that is,for those of you who don't know!)

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