New kit and Ad lady wanted!

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just have to start of by saying thanks to all of you that've send messages to me!I'm so touched by all of you that left messages for me! Some of you had the saddest stories as well and I really wish I could give each and everyone of you a hug.Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and tell me your stories as well.I was feeling way better(in a way,lol) after reading your messages and I also once again came to the conclusion that I'm not the only person in this world that has lost someone dear to me or am feeling sad.

Ok,since I hate do the advertsing part of designing I thought I should place an ad for one!Come on girls,help me out! If you're interested contact me at

So I also had some time to design a new kit.And it's on sale for only $2.50!Get it at Digidesignresort.Take a look.
 I also have some commercial use leaves in store.There are 4 naturual ones and 4 png's for you to recolor as you wish.Grab them in the store for only $4.99.
I just have to show the gorgeous layouts I received from my Blueberry Christmas kit!

Killena made these gorgeous layouts of the adorable baby.Isn't this just the most adorable baby!
From Julia I received these beautiful ones!

And from Kelly I received this cute layout of her daughter.
From Mandy I got this one.Love the selective coloring!

And from Michaela I got this sweet layout from her 2 little boys.
Ok,I have to love you and leave you for now because I have to run to the shops to pic up some food for the hungry people in my house!
Big hugs
Trudie xox


Very sad news for me!

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008


I decided to do some blogging today in the hope to get some of this pain off my chest.My uncle which was very dear to me,died on Friday morning.He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer about 3 months ago.He was a man that lived life to the full and loved living.But to see him so sick just broke my heart into pieces.He lost the ability to speak in this time,but always there was some music playing in the background of his room as he just loved his music.But to him this couldn't have been life anymore.To lose the ability to speak,laugh and even wash yourself are things that we take for granted.As he was a man of great pride,he couldn't have enjoyed it for others to do this for him.

2 Days before he died his sister called us to come to him.The moment I walked into the door,I just turned around and walked out again.There wasn't a man lying on the bed but a skeleton.I saw him 2 weeks prior to this,but since then he had a huge down fall and lost more than half his body weight.After I cried for a while,I turned back and went into his room again to greet him.He was so ill,but still recognised me.Something told me that this will be the last time I see him so I wanted to make sure he knew I loved him so I asked him if he knew it and he nodded yes.I was so glad that he knew this but also sad about the circumstances.
My aunt told me before he died he said that he loved us and then asked to be taken to his room.On the way to his room he died.

Why am I telling you all of this?I don't know,maybe because you're strangers,but maybe also because I know you're real people and will understand what heartache it brings to lose someone you love.Thanks so much for reading all of this,I sure feel better now!

Goodbye uncle Steven,may you rest in peace.xox

Okay,lets move on to some less depressing news.I'm finished with another christmas kit,yeah!It's called Blueberry Christmas and will be in my store at Digi Design Resort tomorrow.If you're looking for a christmas kit with something else than the traditional red and green colors,then this kit is for you!The kit has lots of elements and 12 beautiful shades of blue and white papers.Have a look!

And to those of you that made it this far,I have a surprise!I made a quickpage freebie with some of the elements that are available in the kit!

Mediafire download link

Password is blue

I'm also hosting a theme challenge from now on every month at Digi Design Resort.This months challenge is to make a layout about theme parties.For more info you can go here.Here is what the posting gift looks like.

Remember to also check out the other challenges we've got going on at the Resort.

I have to get into bed now,so I'm gonna love you and leave you!



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