Bad blogger with a freebie!

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes it's true,I'm a bad blogger!But not because I want to be,simply because I have a poor ISP.Infact,I think their service stinks!I've been without internet for 10 days all together this month,how's that for service?And this is not the 1st time this is happening,I've been with them for almost 5 months now and it happens every month.And then there is the fact that they no longer provide us with e-mail addresses and the poor upload and download speed.So do you see my point that I'm not the bad blogger willingly?

Okay,enough ranting and raving!I've got some awesome news as well!(Awesome for me anyway!) It was my birthday the 26th of October and guess what hubby got me?A 19 inch flat screen and external hard drive!!Woohoo!I've always wanted such a screen and a external hard drive.And since one of the stores had a huge sale on pc stuff the other day my hubby decided he will get it for my birthday!Now is that a clever man or not?He gave it to me a few days before my birthday and then what happens?On the actual birthday,he forgot that it was my birthday!!10 points less for him!But he's forgiven just because I love this flat screen to death!Oh and him as well!LOL!

I made you 2 bragbook pages as a freebie today.I used the Abby templates and the stunning kit Baby Soft from Carena's Designs. Have a look around in her store at her other gorgeous kits as well.She also has a 40% discount coupon available on all her digital kits (no CU items) until the 10th of November.Just type NovCouponSpecial at the checkout for a 40% discount.

Here is the preview of the bragbook pages.

Click on the picture or on the link to download.And please be nice to leave some love for me here or on 4shared as I just enjoy it so much to read all your comments!

Sorry,no longer available!

And if I can get my internet to work with me so I can upload another freebie kit for you tonight that will be up tomorrow as well.

Okay,I'm off to try my luck with uploading.
See you later gators!


Store opening,CT Call and a freebie!

>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Have I got alot of news for you!I don't know where to begin!

I've been given the title "CT Manager" by my sweet boss lady,Carolyn Kite from Scrap-'N-Tag.One of my tasks is to have a CT call for the shop.So if you love designing with beautiful kits by different designers and have what it takes,you better send me an e-mail!The call will only run until the 9th of October,so hurry!Check out the store here: Scrap-'N-Tag Shop Here is my e-mail address.

I aslo got some more wonderful news for you!We opened our all new Booland Designs store and gallery!Woohoo!

Boo is starting it off with a huge Download a day kit called Apple Orchid.You really don't want to miss this one as this is a absolutely stunning kit!Take a look at the download for day 1.

Day 2 is up already as well.Here is a sneak peek.

And last but not least here is a little freebie from me to you.

You can download it at 4shared or click on the picture.

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