>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!Just dropping by quickly, we're on our way for dinner at a restaurant,but I first wanted to drop you a few lines.I've been very busy this weekend with the forum I'm setting up.And it drives me crazy!Everything is set up and ready except for the gallery!I can't seem to figure out how to get a gallery into the forum.If anybody out there are more "tech-savvy" than me and can maybe do it for me, or even give me some hints feel free to drop me a line on my email and I'll give directions to the forum.

And now it's time for something more fun,namely scrapbooking!Check out this beautiful new kit from Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs."Cupid's Crush Elements" has 33 elements, that's just what you need for those wedding, Valentine, love, and everyday layouts.For only $3.00 this is a steal! You can also get Cupid's Crush Papers that goes with Cupid's Crush Elements" to enhance your layouts even more.You can get this paper pack for only $2.00 in her store.So,run if you want to get those beautiful layouts done with this kit! She's also got another new element pack in the store.Are you looking for that perfect touch to your Valentine's Layouts?Then Karla's Heartfelts Elements is just the thing for you!This set consists of 20 embellished hearts made from a variety of collage materials: felt, foil, word, ribbons, bows, buttons, sequins, and more.And the best thing about this is the fact that it's priced at a low $3.00 for this beauties!

Okay,before I leave there is a new scrapgirl in town,please say welcome to her and check out her site for some awesome freebies.You can visit her here Scrappinmamma's Digitals blogspot.


New freebie and CT & Designers Call!

>> Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today I can't stay very long ,I'm busy setting up a new forum.But I do have a new freebie for you.You know the story,If you like....plsl (Please leave some love!)You can download it here.Sorry,no longer available!
Okay I 'm busy setting up a new forum called Scrap Heaven and will be needing some CT members and Designers.If you think you have what it takes,please mail me with a link to your most up to date gallery or shop(for designers),a short bio of yourself and why you think you should be on the CT or Designers team.
Oh,by the way what do you think of the banner I made for the forum.Actually,I think it really came out very nicely.(Patting myself on the back,LOL!)

Here's a look at two new products at Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs. They're specially priced at just $2.00 each so check them out! She has also added a bargain bin to her store so, stop by and go pick up some lovely stuff for just $1.oo.

That's it for now, gonna love you and leave you.Great scrappin'.


I'm speechless!

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm speechless,have you been to KimB's blog today?She's been harassed by I person who has no sense of humour!Where do these people come from?People like Kim provide us with some beautiful freebies on which they spend hours designing it for us.And still there is psycho out there that will be very childish and leave some "Anonymous"comments about her personality (or the way she speaks,for that matter!)People,grow up and leave people like Kim to brighten our days with her chatter and laughter!!And to "Anonymous" who wrote to Kim,I encourage you to write to Kim again and tell her you're sorry for being such a drab,but this time sign it with your real name!!We don't need cowards in our scrap booking community!
Okay,let's move on to something more uplifting.I made another freebie for you today in spirit of Valentines day that's just around the corner.Hope you like,If you do please leave some love.You can download it here.(Sorry,no longer available!)Please leave me some love if you download,I'm still new to the designing thing and would like to know what people think of my work.

I'm also working on a new freebie for you,if I can get the time today,I'll upload it tonight.

Okay girls,time to love you and leave you.Happy scrapping!


It's been a while!

>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

Okay,so it's been a while since I last blogged.But so much has happened in the meantime.Like I told you the last time we had a death in the family and we had his funeral last week.I stayed with my aunt (whose husband it was) for a few days and felt very sad when I finally had to leave.But a good thing about the trip was that I introduced her to digi scrapping and she's head over heals in love with it!I thought to introduce her to it so she doesn't sit around and just be sad all day.And it worked like a charm!

On the home front the schools for the new year began and now I have a bit more time for myself(actually for scrapping!)I actually made 6 layouts in the past few days and usually I only make one a month!Here are some photos of the kids on the first day of school.Oh,by the way check out the little boy's actions behind my daughter in the first and second photo!The one moment he is still calm,the next moment he is bowling his eyes out!LOL!But I still felt sorry for him!

And here are a few layouts I made.The first two I made with the wonderful kit "Blessings by Karla Marano from Karla's Digi Kaleidoscope You can find it in her shop and it's on sale now for only $1.50
The second two I used Flerg's mini-kit "Strawberry Delight".You had to use the mini kit to create a layout in order to apply to be a member on her CT team.The layout I chose to enter is the one which says "You make me happy".So please hold all your thumbs and toes for me!The CT members will be announced on her blog on the 1st of February.

The last layout I'm going to show today is one I did for two challenges over at Digital Scrap Garden. I think that's enough for now,I'll love you and leave you so you can go scrapping.


Another freebie for you!

>> Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm so happy today!I created my first quickpage.For some of you this may sound a bit dorky,but for me this is a accomplishment.Since I don't know much about Photoshop it was a struggle creating it!!!Karla from Karla's Digi Kaleidoscope gave all of us on her CT team the chance to create a quickpage with her January Grab bag.Although I had a hard time cleaning out the edges for the placement of a photo I really enjoyed it! Here is my version of what I decided to do with this lovely kit.Oh,and if you want to know who's the lovely cowgirl,it's my daughter which is so photogenic,unlike her mom!If you like this quickpage you can download it here:Sorry,no longer available!

Please leave me some love if you download it.

And here is a preview of what's in the Grab bag,I can tell you if you love blingie stuff you will be ga-ga over this one!For only $2.00 you get your money's worth with a 100 MB kit of pure blissThis is the link for her shop:
Okay,so here is a list of few freebies I found today

I'm off now,see you tomorrow.


Good news,bad news and a freebie!

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today I've got good news and bad news to tell you.Let's begin with the bad news.
This weekend I went to visit some family of mine and we had such a good time,chatting,laughing and looking threw some old photos of the family.Sunday night we decided to stay over till Monday morning since they asked us so nicely to sleep over for another night.So Monday morning at 4 o'clock we said our goodbyes,hugged them and left so we could still be in time for work.(Before I go one with my story I must tell you that only December my uncle had a double heart bypass surgery.)
So 9 o'clock yesterday morning I phoned my uncle to tell him we arrived home safely.Later that afternoon my dad phoned me to tell me that my uncle had a heart attack and didn't make it!I was so shocked I just sat down and began to cry!He still had so many plans and things he wanted to do when he was well again.I don't know how his wife will cope without him,she loved him so much,and Sunday night she still showed us some of their wedding photos and told us he is such a handsome man!

Okay,lets leave it at that for the moment and go on to the good news.I'm overly excited...I was chosen to be a CT member for Karla's Digi Kaleidoscope!!It's the first time I applied to be on a CT and yet I was chosen!I just love her designs to death and I'm so glad to get the opportunity to work with them.Karla as well as all of the CT members are so sweet and helpful,I think it's going to be a real joy to be a part of them.
So here is the kit I've chosen to work with this month.
You can get it in her shop for only $6.00 It's a steal since it's a HUGE kit.Over 140MB of pure joy!It's also a very versatile kit,you can use for Thanksgiving memories, recipes, traditions, blessings, and I think it will also go very good with vintage layouts.So,run over and check out the other marvelous stuff as well.
I'll be posting the layouts I'm going to do with kit on here in a few days time.

I've also got a surprise for you today....I made my first ever cluster frame and you get it for free!Please leave me some love if you download it.Sorry,no longer available!
Okay ladies,I must run I still have some shopping to do for the kids since the schools for the new year are starting tomorrow.Enjoy your day.


Happy New Year!

>> Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's finally here...2008!I wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2008 and may there be lots and lots of happy times to "snap" and then scrap!
So here we are at the beginning of yet another new year,time sure does fly.This year is the end of an "era" (if you can call it that!) for me.I'm sending my last child to primary school and that's kind of sad for me 'cause she was (and still is)my "baby".But she is very eager to start "big" school and start learning new things.
The schools for the new year start on the 9 January over here so I'll post some photos of her in her school clothing on that day to show of my baby.
Okay,so here is your list of freebies for today:

Download a day (Links only available for 24 hours )These links will only be active for one day.Every day a new link will be put up and the old ones removed.So hurry!
Okay now on to the other freebies:
I'm off to bed now,see you tomorrow with a surprise!

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