New kit and Ad lady wanted!

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just have to start of by saying thanks to all of you that've send messages to me!I'm so touched by all of you that left messages for me! Some of you had the saddest stories as well and I really wish I could give each and everyone of you a hug.Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and tell me your stories as well.I was feeling way better(in a way,lol) after reading your messages and I also once again came to the conclusion that I'm not the only person in this world that has lost someone dear to me or am feeling sad.

Ok,since I hate do the advertsing part of designing I thought I should place an ad for one!Come on girls,help me out! If you're interested contact me at

So I also had some time to design a new kit.And it's on sale for only $2.50!Get it at Digidesignresort.Take a look.
 I also have some commercial use leaves in store.There are 4 naturual ones and 4 png's for you to recolor as you wish.Grab them in the store for only $4.99.
I just have to show the gorgeous layouts I received from my Blueberry Christmas kit!

Killena made these gorgeous layouts of the adorable baby.Isn't this just the most adorable baby!
From Julia I received these beautiful ones!

And from Kelly I received this cute layout of her daughter.
From Mandy I got this one.Love the selective coloring!

And from Michaela I got this sweet layout from her 2 little boys.
Ok,I have to love you and leave you for now because I have to run to the shops to pic up some food for the hungry people in my house!
Big hugs
Trudie xox


Very sad news for me!

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008


I decided to do some blogging today in the hope to get some of this pain off my chest.My uncle which was very dear to me,died on Friday morning.He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer about 3 months ago.He was a man that lived life to the full and loved living.But to see him so sick just broke my heart into pieces.He lost the ability to speak in this time,but always there was some music playing in the background of his room as he just loved his music.But to him this couldn't have been life anymore.To lose the ability to speak,laugh and even wash yourself are things that we take for granted.As he was a man of great pride,he couldn't have enjoyed it for others to do this for him.

2 Days before he died his sister called us to come to him.The moment I walked into the door,I just turned around and walked out again.There wasn't a man lying on the bed but a skeleton.I saw him 2 weeks prior to this,but since then he had a huge down fall and lost more than half his body weight.After I cried for a while,I turned back and went into his room again to greet him.He was so ill,but still recognised me.Something told me that this will be the last time I see him so I wanted to make sure he knew I loved him so I asked him if he knew it and he nodded yes.I was so glad that he knew this but also sad about the circumstances.
My aunt told me before he died he said that he loved us and then asked to be taken to his room.On the way to his room he died.

Why am I telling you all of this?I don't know,maybe because you're strangers,but maybe also because I know you're real people and will understand what heartache it brings to lose someone you love.Thanks so much for reading all of this,I sure feel better now!

Goodbye uncle Steven,may you rest in peace.xox

Okay,lets move on to some less depressing news.I'm finished with another christmas kit,yeah!It's called Blueberry Christmas and will be in my store at Digi Design Resort tomorrow.If you're looking for a christmas kit with something else than the traditional red and green colors,then this kit is for you!The kit has lots of elements and 12 beautiful shades of blue and white papers.Have a look!

And to those of you that made it this far,I have a surprise!I made a quickpage freebie with some of the elements that are available in the kit!

Mediafire download link

Password is blue

I'm also hosting a theme challenge from now on every month at Digi Design Resort.This months challenge is to make a layout about theme parties.For more info you can go here.Here is what the posting gift looks like.

Remember to also check out the other challenges we've got going on at the Resort.

I have to get into bed now,so I'm gonna love you and leave you!




I've got a secret to tell!

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have I got some great news for you!I had a hard time not to blog about it for the past few days!But now I'm allowed to tell all of you!....

I was chosen to become a designer at Digi Design Resort!Yeah!!And I have my first kit up in store!It's called A Love For Christmas and has 12 papers and 43 elements.Have a look!

I also made an add on to this kit which you can get by signing up for the Digi Design Resort Newsletter.The newsletter will be send out this Friday,so make sure to sign up in time.

I'm also busy with a few other kits at the moment,so keep your eyes open for them!

I also got my 1st CT Team!These girls totally rock,their layouts are just fabulous!Here are the names of my CT girls.

  • Michaela aka Miss Ela
  • Julia aka J Stockert
  • Kelly aka Kelmichaels
  • Kille aka Killena
  • Mandy aka Mommamandy
And here are some of the lovely layouts that were made by my team.
By Killena
By Kelly (who also made my awesome banner!) By MichaelaBy Sabrina by Mommamandyand one by Julia
I also got an award from my friend TamaraD!Thanks so much Tam! I'm always amazed when I get an award because I never thought somebody really read my blog,hahaha!
Anyway here is what I'm suppose to do:I have to make a list of 6 things I love.
So here goes:
  • My Children ~ They are my whole world.Without them I'm lost.
  • My mom and dad! ~ They stood by me in times when there was no else to turn to,they are always willing to listen when I need to talk to somebody but most of all they love me for who I am!
  • My computer ~ In particular the 19 inch screen hubby got me for my birthday!Will go nuts without my computer!
  • Butterflies and Flowers ~ I love all kinds of butterflies and flowers,to me there is nothing more beautiful than a butterfly on flower.
  • Music ~ The 1st thing I do in the morning when I wake up is to make some coffee,put on the radio and read my emails.(In that order,yes!)
  • Animals ~ I adore animals and absolutely hate people that harm innocent animals!
And now I have to send this to 6 people.
In no particular order here goes
  • The Scrapping Cop for her amazing CU Freebies
  • Kimb for all the help she provided me in getting the right banking account for the shop and for being one of my inspirations to start designing.
  • Carena for being my mentor in learning Photoshop and believing in me.Thanks my friend!
  • Boo from Booland Designs ~ For all the gorgeous kits she make and being another of my inspirations in starting to design.
  • All of the Booland Blossoms ~ What can I say?I love you all and thanks for being my friends!!!
Before I blabber anymore I will love you and leave you!
Trudie xox


Here comes your daily news paper!

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes,I do have a lot of news for you,so get a cup of coffee!I've got so much news to share I really don't know where to begin!
Let me start off by saying thank you to everybody that commented on my In the garden kit as well as to those that send in layouts!While we're on this note let me show you some of the layouts I have received.
This one I've got from Carena.

The next one I received from Lina (Moonlightpearl) Thanks for the beautiful messages that you always leave!

The next one comes from Irene (Eye)

And last but certainly not least is one that has been made by Lois.She used a template by Colie's Corner.She also made the LO into a quickpage for you.

Click on the picture or here to download.

Some more great news that I've received is that I was chosen again by Mamrotka to be a guest CT member in November an December!I was a guest for her in July and August as well and really enjoyed working with her kits.The first kit I chose to work with this time is her fabulous Saroosh.Available at SAS.

Here is a layout I made with it.

A few days ago I applied to be a quality control checker at Pretty Scrappy and yesterday I got the mail that I was accepted.This job I thoroughly enjoy not just because I get to keep all the kits but also because I get to learn so much from it.

The sweet TamaraD from Scrappy Thoughts is looking for a few CT girls for her own personal team.You can have a look at her kits here.If you're interested contact me at

Okay,that's all I have for now.I will be back later in the week with a new freebie kit that I'm working on.

Hugs xox


Freebie from me to you on National Scrapbooking Day!

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

So are you enjoying National Scrapbooking day yet?I am! I just love gifts(who doesn't?) and can't wait to see what the designers have come up with.So I thought I would also give away a little freebie.Actually I've been trying for over a week now to get this freebie uploaded,but since my upload speed is so poor I only managed to get it up today.But rather late than never!

I've zipped it in 3 parts for those on dial-up,make sure you get all the parts.

Sorry,no longer available!

And if you make layouts with it,I would love to see them.Send me a link and I'll put them on my blog.

I also got a "Blog with a heart" award from my fellow South African scrapper Renee.Whenever I get an award I'm really amazed that somebody thinks my blog is worthy of a award since I'm such a bad blogger!Thank you so much Renee!Check out her blog for some awesome freebies,this is one talented lady!

So now it's my turn to send this award to somebody.And this is always the tricky party cause there is so much blogs that I think deserves the award but then I will sit here forever!

So here are my nominees:

NBK Scrap

Lara's Digi World

Angel in my pocket

Carena's Extravagance I want to thank Carena especially for helping me get to know Photoshop and for being so patient with me while learning.Carena,without you I couldn't have done it!Thanks a zillion!Remember what I said about Hollywood,the offer still stands!LOL!

Okay, I'm off to go and see what pressies all of the designers have for us.

Hugs and kisses

Trudie xox


Bad blogger with a freebie!

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes it's true,I'm a bad blogger!But not because I want to be,simply because I have a poor ISP.Infact,I think their service stinks!I've been without internet for 10 days all together this month,how's that for service?And this is not the 1st time this is happening,I've been with them for almost 5 months now and it happens every month.And then there is the fact that they no longer provide us with e-mail addresses and the poor upload and download speed.So do you see my point that I'm not the bad blogger willingly?

Okay,enough ranting and raving!I've got some awesome news as well!(Awesome for me anyway!) It was my birthday the 26th of October and guess what hubby got me?A 19 inch flat screen and external hard drive!!Woohoo!I've always wanted such a screen and a external hard drive.And since one of the stores had a huge sale on pc stuff the other day my hubby decided he will get it for my birthday!Now is that a clever man or not?He gave it to me a few days before my birthday and then what happens?On the actual birthday,he forgot that it was my birthday!!10 points less for him!But he's forgiven just because I love this flat screen to death!Oh and him as well!LOL!

I made you 2 bragbook pages as a freebie today.I used the Abby templates and the stunning kit Baby Soft from Carena's Designs. Have a look around in her store at her other gorgeous kits as well.She also has a 40% discount coupon available on all her digital kits (no CU items) until the 10th of November.Just type NovCouponSpecial at the checkout for a 40% discount.

Here is the preview of the bragbook pages.

Click on the picture or on the link to download.And please be nice to leave some love for me here or on 4shared as I just enjoy it so much to read all your comments!

Sorry,no longer available!

And if I can get my internet to work with me so I can upload another freebie kit for you tonight that will be up tomorrow as well.

Okay,I'm off to try my luck with uploading.
See you later gators!


Store opening,CT Call and a freebie!

>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Have I got alot of news for you!I don't know where to begin!

I've been given the title "CT Manager" by my sweet boss lady,Carolyn Kite from Scrap-'N-Tag.One of my tasks is to have a CT call for the shop.So if you love designing with beautiful kits by different designers and have what it takes,you better send me an e-mail!The call will only run until the 9th of October,so hurry!Check out the store here: Scrap-'N-Tag Shop Here is my e-mail address.

I aslo got some more wonderful news for you!We opened our all new Booland Designs store and gallery!Woohoo!

Boo is starting it off with a huge Download a day kit called Apple Orchid.You really don't want to miss this one as this is a absolutely stunning kit!Take a look at the download for day 1.

Day 2 is up already as well.Here is a sneak peek.

And last but not least here is a little freebie from me to you.

You can download it at 4shared or click on the picture.


Blog header is driving me crazy!Need your help!

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ugh!My blog header is driving me crazy!On my PC it looks just fine,but I've received a few comments from friends that it's actually off centered with yellow sticking out from the sides!Please,girls come to my rescue and tell me what size it should be and what I should do to get it centered!

The other day I received a Brilliant Weblog Award from Zuska,bur couldn't put my own nominees up since I was posting from a internet cafe that day.

So here are my nominees:

By Dezign:

Renee is a fellow South African blogger from South Africa that makes the most amazing freebies.Visit her blog to see all her amazing freebies.

Mk Designs:

This is yet another lady that designs the most awesome kits.She's got such a lovely style that I just adore.Check out her blog for some freebies as well.

Joanne Bain Designs:

Such awesome designs!If you have never visited her blog do yourself a huge favor and visit her!


This lady got some CU products that makes you drool!If your a designer,her blog and shop is a must visit!

Chaos Lounge:

Jenni is a another awesome South African Designer!She designs the most beautiful kits and always have a freebie for her visitors.Visit her blog to see what I'm raving about!

Carena's Scrapbooking Extravaganza:

My Ct Boss!For her amazing designs and willingness to help me in understanding the monster!(Photoshop)Thanks so much Carena!Check out her blog to see her awesome designs and also pick up some freebies.

There are lots of other people that I could nominate,but then I would have to sit infront of my pc for the rest of my life!

Last but definately not the least!Here is my layout that I submitted for round 3 for the Supreme team contest at Go Digital Scrapbooking.I didn't make it through to round 4 though but I still had alot of fun and I'm very pleased that I even made it this far in the contest!

Okay,girls,that's it from me now.You have a great weekend.I know I will as were having a big family reunion!


Being without internet sucks!And a freebie for you!

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been without internet for most of yesterday and today there's no internet!And that really sucks as I don't know what to do with myself!But I came up with this great plan to go to the internet cafe from where I can do everything at high speed.I've downloaded all of the kits I want and some more,at really great speed.At home I've got a wireless line but the speed is up to no good,when I have internet that is!

I also got some great news to share!I was accepted onto Blushbutter Designs CT Team!This is just the best news for me because ever since I started scrapbooking I was in love with her work and wanted to become a part of her team!Check out this great kit that I get to work with this month!

I decided to also make something for the Members Mega kit at SAS.Here is my part for those of you that would like it.
Sorry no longer available!

I made some layouts that I would like to show off since I'm quite chuffed with the way they came out!Credits:I used a combination of Carena's Designs kits.Bugs Delight,Wedding kit and Garden Magic.Click the link to go to her store and see her beautiful stuff.

Next is 2 layouts I made with Designs by Julia's kit called At the sea,On waves.

And last but not least is the layout I made for the Supreme team contest at Go Digital Scrapbooking.With this layout I made it to round 3!Woohoo!Wish me luck for the last 2 rounds!

I also got a Brilliant Weblog Award from a fellow ct member,Zuska.Thanks so much,Zuska!I will be putting up my nominees when my internet comes back on at home again,since doing it from the internet cafe takes up alot off time and money.

Okay,I think that's enough from me now!You girls enjoy your weekend!

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