I'm still stuffed!

>> Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi,there fellow scrappers!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas just like me.My parents came over and we had a lovely day.We had lots and lots of food!This year me and my mom decided we're going to make some salads and cold meats,but she also made a lovely meat pie(hot) for us.We really stuffed ourselves with the food!Afterwards we had a nice pudding my mom made for us.But let me tell you,even today I can't really look a piece of food straight in the eye!But what the heck,it's only once a year we get to overeat ourselves like that!
Okay let's get the party started!First off here is a layout I did off my daughter(the blond) with her best friend. Credits:
Quickpage by Gaelle made with Newlifes kit "Misty night"
Alphabet: by Pricilla Rocha
Enough of me here is your freebie list for today:



>> Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hi,there ladies!Today I'm posting a layout I did and will tell you the story about the layout.
This morning my friend came over for a visit and was dropped off by the people she's lodging with.When I opened the gate for her I saw that there was a bird cage with a little kitten in it,but the man already drove off.Seeing that I'm a big cat lover,I was quite upset!She then told me that 2 days ago her 2 girls each brought home a ginger kitten,which she told them to take back because the people she's lodging with don't want any animals.As it turned out the people that gave the kittens to the children abruptly refused to take them back!My friend then told me, this morning the man said he's going to take the kitten (they found a home for the other one) to the local SPCA so they can find a house for the kitten.And that is why the poor thing was in a little bird cage.She then asked the man to please not just dump the kitten beside the road.So we went in, talked a bit and drank some cold drinks.About an hour later somebody knocked on the door...with a ginger kitten in her arms!The first thing I said was"Isn't this a coincidence!"And I asked if I could help her,she then wanted to know if I don't know to who this kitten belong.I said no,and just then my friend came to join me and saw the kitten...as it turned out it was the kitten the man was suppose to deliver to the SPCA!Now I live 2 houses from a field and the woman that brought the kitten,lived across the field.The poor kitten had an angel with him, because to get from the field to the houses you have to cross a busy street and a few "bad" dogs!We figured,the man decided to drop the kitten in the field so he doesn't have to make the trip to the SPCA. I decided to adopt the kitten and named him Peaches(the color of a peach is orange as well,does it make sense?)as you can see he's very comfortable here.Strange ways the Lord works!


Bad blogger!

>> Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good evening ladies! So earlier this year I decided to set up a blog,but never came round to maintaining it.There was just to much going on in my life at that moment.But now I'm back and I'm willing to maintain it!So would you like to know what this blog is going to be about?I'm going to hunt for some of the best scrapbooking freebies on the net so you don't have to do it.You're very welcome to post a link to your site if you have some available.
This will also be a place where you could let your hair down and just relax and maybe have a chat. So first of here is a layout I did for a challenge over at Digital Scrap Garden.

Next is your list of freebies for today: http://petitmoineaux.blogspot.com/




http://digitalscrapgarden.com/ You have to register with them to get this lovely and huge kit.

I will be back with some more later on.

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